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High Quality Business Cards
High Quality Business Cards
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Shipping companies require a physical address and a valid phone number in order to deliver a printing package, as they do provide a door to door service. PO Box addresses are not valid for delivery. In the event that a package is not delivered due to an error with the address provided by the Client, The couriers will reship the package with the correct address at the client’s expense. Product deliveries are subject to the corporate policies of the courier and the shipping company, and any policy put in place by those companies will apply to the Client. If the Client is not present at the provided delivery location, it is their responsibility to collect the package in accordance with the policies of the applicable shipping company. All products are shipped according to the address on the proof. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the proof has the correct shipping address listed. If no shipping address is listed it is the clients responsibility to provide an address to prevent further shipping delays.

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