Embossed / Debossed business cards feature images and/or text that are impressed into the card; where embossing raises, embossing / debossing recesses. When compared to embossed cards, the processes involved are far simpler. There are numerous embossing / debossing techniques, including blind dembossing / debossing (which we use when our clients want embossing / debossing cards. All of which provides your business cards with a distinct difference, a 3D effect and a card that feels textured to the touch. Embossing / Debossing creates a far more subtle an effect than embossing – when coupled with the right design this form of business card can be definitively stylish, understated and elegant.


10 - 14 business days after artwork approval + transit*

* Add 2-4 business days for the following features/designs: Edge foil, edge paint, custom die cut, or complex designs.

* Turn around time varies based on job complexity and size. Please feel free to contact us at info@printcards.com.hk  or via WhatsApp with any questions you may have.

Luxury Business Cards