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Add a custom Edge Finish to your business cards to complete your brand identity with print features - It’s as easy as matching your brand colors. You can find the perfect finish. Choose any Pantone U color, Fluorescent color or even reference a color from your design. 

Make an awesome first impression from any angle with painted edge business cards. Add more personality to your brand with painted edge business card printing. Vibrant colors always add another layer of interest to anything. Catch everyone's attention and impress them when you select colored edge business cards. The Colored Edge process involves applying inks to the side edges of the card stock, having painted edges in unique colors will help your cards stand out from all the rest.

Estimate production lead time 14-16 working days (after confirmation of payment and artwork). The timing depends on the complex of cards' production.

Please send your design files in ai format by email at or via WhatsApp to request a price quote. Thank you.

color edge business cards
raised ink colored edge business cards
pantone color debossed raised ink business card printing
fluorescent color business cards
painted color edge business cards
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